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Sex Toys In a Relationship Makes It Work Better

Sex toys are no longer as taboo as one might think, in fact, many high end stores sell electronic ‘boyfriends’ to do ‘massages’ for you. As one might expect, there’s a swathe of options for those interested in dildos as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The growing popularity of the sex toy industry has largely to do with the fact that entertainment in all forms now focuses its spotlight more on this once taboo practice.

The bigger question, pun intended, is are these toys really only for pleasure or are there other more ‘profound’ benefits for their usage as well? What if you’re in a relationship, how does using sex toys affect your dynamic? Believe it or not, actual study confirms it has more benefits for your relationship than you might think.

Just when you think it’s all for pleasure, there are actual health benefits to take from having a bit of play time.

Did you have a stressful day, then release some of that good old endorphins by having a bit of play time.

If you’re looking to trim some of that belly fat, having a bit of play time burns calories! Self pleasuring with a vibrator, for example, also actually burns some calories just as when you are having sex. Perhaps not as much as an hour or so under the sheets or over the countertop with your partner but it does increase your heart rate. Its benefits is akin to that of doing cardio workout at the gym but is so much more fun and enjoyable.

We talked about endorphins which relieves stress. Well, they also alleviate physical and emotional pain

So if you’re looking to have a nice quick self pleasuring, go ahead an knock yourself out; go get that orgasm while improving your health in the process.

How about those in a committed relationship? Can sex toys do a relationship some good? It may surprise a lot of people but it a huge yes.

One of the most popular benefits is that is shakes up your old couple routine in a good way! Normally, and most couples don’t like to admit this, but the longer you are in a relationship the more ‘stale’ sex will become and that is not a good thing. A lot of people actually find it very hard to tell their partners what they truly want sexually which results in a stale, very boring intercourse, but if sex toys are used, it is surprising how most of them lose themselves and open up some more. Sex toys opens up new and interesting pleasures you don’t normally do with your partners. Isn’t it just incredibly hot to watch your partner get so turned on by watching you pleasure yourself with a sex toy? Having a sex toy around also introduces this feeling of having a third partner in bed which turns on a lot of couples without the complications.

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